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Massachusetts has some of the most successful lab incubators in the world.  The lab incubators listed below are operated by seasoned, professional, fellow-entrepreneurs who understand the needs of start-ups.  Our incubators are not just small spaces.  They are each well-connected to the Massachusetts biopharma ecosystem and can connect you to the supportive network that the region provides.

The MassBio definition for a laboratory incubator includes the following characteristics:
  • Availability of multiple lab suites, each typically from 250-4,000 square feet in size,
  • Built-out lab space including tenant improvements and most furniture, fixtures, and equipment,
  • Typical lease terms of 6-24 months,
  • Includes an operator who provides some tenant and/or common lab and office services,
  • Provision of basic tenant services and features, which may includd: pH neutralization, lab waste removal, chemical storage, fume hoods, provision of lab gases
For more information about incubators in Massachusetts, contact Elizabeth Steele at MassBio at 617-674-5100 or

BioSquare, Albany Street, Boston, MA


Contact: Jack Cohan at 617-353-8630, or jcohanat

Biotech InnoVenture Center - North Shore InnoVentures, Beverly, MA


Contact: Martha Farmer at 508-527-1832, or at

Cambridge BioLabs - One Kendall, Cambridge, MA

Cambridge BioCloud


Contact: Johannes Fruehauf at 617-945-5933, or at

CreaGen Chemistry Incubator (C2I) - 23 Rainin Road, Woburn, MA


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Contact: Dr. Raj (SB) Rajur at

Lab Central - 700 main Street, Cambridge, MA

lab central

Contact: 617-863-3650 or

Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (MBI) - Worcester, MA


Contact: Jon Weaver at 508-797-4200;

Mass Innovation Labs - Cambridge, MA

Mass Innovation Labs 

Contact: Dean Remy at 617-475-8515;

Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) - Lowell, MA

M2D2 photo

Contact: Mary Ann Picard at 978-934-3403, or at

Quick Start Accelerator at MedChem - Lexington, MA

Quick Start

Contact: Tsvetelina Lazarova at 781-676-2000 or

The Science Hotel - 790 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

Science Hotel

Contact: Joe Maquire at 617-551-8532 or OR JoAnn Merlino Rogers

Sky Ventures - 2 Mercer Road, Natick, MA

Sky Ventures

Contact: Eyal Geffen at 617-678-9766 or at

Tufts Biotechnology Transfer Center - 200 Westboro Road, Grafton, MA

Tufts Incubator

Contact: Jean Poteete, Senior Campus Planner at 508-887-4740 or at

UMassBoston Venture Development Center - 100 Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA


Contact: Bill Brah at 617-287-7723, or at





The Case for Incubators

Should you enter into a direct lease with a landlord or consider an incubator facility for your laboratory? 
Here are some questions to ask:
What do we really need out of this space?  Does a long-term lease of two or three years or more really make sense for my company at this time?  What are the "all-in costs" associated with a direct lease versus the costs as a tenant at an incubator?  Consider this, the cost of building out even small lab spaces with a landlord can be high.  Add to this rent,  taxes, utilities and lab equipment and operations. 
Incubators offer an alternative, expecially for early stage companies that need to stretch funds.  In addition, MassBio works with Massachusetts incubators to help provide programming and cost savings to incubator tenants.
Read a Q&A with some of our incubator leaders.
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