MA CRO/CMO Symposium: Accelerating Drug Development

Tuesday, March 6 2012
7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Bentley University LaCava Conference Center


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The goal of this symposium is to allow attendees to evaluate the best alternatives that have evolved in shortening time to market. A series of case studies, interactive panel discussions, and networking sessions provide ample time to explore the various techniques and approaches being used by both virtual and established companies. The program includes case studies by start-ups early stage and large pharmaceutical companies doing breakthrough work in discovery, development, and manufacturing that are utilizing the valuable external resources provided by local CRO/CMO firms.

An exhibition area allows direct contact with companies that provide services from research to commercial manufacturing. The Massachusetts CRO/CMO Cluster provides the scientific external resources required to support a virtual and semi virtual company from conception through commercialization.

Attendees will learn from the drivers in the front offices of many of the regions biopharmaceutical and biotech firms on how through technical outsourcing, they catalyzed their respective businesses to drive the “New Industrial Revolution” by taking their life science businesses into the 21st Century faster and better.

Symposium Program



Time to market has always been and will always be a critical element in the success of biotechnology companies. In this new era of heightened regulatory scrutiny and limited funding sources, and the development of new and innovative business models, the traditional process for developing and commercializing new therapeutics continues to evolve. The trend to leverage internal resources by augmenting them with outsourced scientific, technical and manufacturing assets continue to grow. The downsizing of laboratory space and the increase in the number of virtual companies has become more of the norm rather than the exception, the industry has responded with a growing community of Contract Research and Manufacturing Organizations. Outsourcing allows companies to acquire highly specialized expertise and manufacturing assets only when they need it. This spreads the total cost amongst a larger number of firms without each one individually carrying the associated fixed costs and overhead required by supporting these capabilities in house. Outsourcing opportunities now are available from contract research, through clinical trial  management and into full commercial production. Early adopters have tested and developed a set of Best Practices optimizing each process that will be discussed at the conference.

Massachusetts has become a center of excellence for innovation in drug development. Prolonged development costs pushing investors to build less and push their portfolio companies to outsource more to increase productivity. Many entrepreneurs are exploring the virtual business model as an alternative strategy for building their biotech startups in a cost efficient manner. Massachusetts is thus benefiting from increasing numbers of biotech firms that are moving to the Bay State because they have found, in fact, a full range of high quality technical service companies are available. Collaborations and the associated business arrangements being created between the members of these two sectors of the community are profound. The Massachusetts CRO/CMO Committee of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council has organized this program to share the success of these relationships. Several therapeutic and diagnostic companies and their partnering CRO/CMO’s will share their experiences on how together, they are leveraging their internal resources by outsourcing every aspect of a therapeutics development from discovery services all the way through commercial manufacturing.

The Massachusetts CRO/CMO cluster is unrivaled anywhere in the USA or the world. The Massachusetts CRO/CMO community has become a leading source of employment and is playing a major part in developing new pharmaceuticals across a broad range of therapeutic classes. Ease of access, operational efficiency and the unmatched level of technical expertise have many companies selecting the Massachusetts cluster versus sending work overseas. The Massachusetts CRO/CMO cluster is proving that the greater efficiencies created through real time communication, and increasing access to specialized expertise is significantly accelerating and reducing the costs for the development of new pharmaceuticals and therapies.


Confirmed Exhibitors:


Akrivis Technologies

Associates of Cape Cod, Inc.

Avecia Biotechnology

Averica Discovery



Biotrofix, Inc.

Blue Sky BioServices

Blue Stream Laboratories

Cambridge Biomedical



Cell Assay Innovations

Court Square Group

CreaGen Biosciences

eClinical Solutions, a Division of Eliassen Group

Ekam Imaging


Johnson Matthey Pharma Services

Luria Scientific Industries (Radikal Therapeutics, Inc.)

Microtest Laboratories, Inc.

Neo-Advent Technologies

Neuroscience Discovery Core


NSF Pharmalytica

ORA Clinical

Organix, Inc.



Pharmalucence, Inc.

ProMedica CRC

Safety Partners, Inc.

SBH Sciences

TGA Sciences, Inc.

ViviSource Laboratories


Xtal Biostructures



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