2012 ASAP BioPharma Conference

Thursday, November 15 – Friday, November 16 2012

Location: The Charles Hotel, One Bennett Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Join Alliance Professionals in One of the Premiere Hubs of the BioPharma Industry to:

  • Develop your alliance management muscle
  • Grow your ability to influence others and communicate complex ideas
  • Learn about the opportunities the future of the industry presents for alliance managers 

Special Registration for MassBio Members! MassBio members who are not already members of ASAP are eligible for a $50 discount off their registration. Please contact Michele Shannon at mshannon@strategic-alliances.org or +1.781.562.1630 ext 204 for more information.

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The world’s pre-eminent event for alliance management in the biopharmaceutical industry– the ASAP BioPharma Conference - is returning this fall. Many of the industry’s most influential companies and thought leaders will gather at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, Mass., USA – one of the leading global hubs of biopharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing – November 15 and 16 to discuss the issues that are top-of-mind for alliance management leaders and practitioners, as well as those from other departments playing essential roles in strategic alliances.  

  • Culture starts at the top. Explore gaining better alignment with the C-Suite.
  • Build stronger internal partnerships with your legal and program/project management team.
  • Learn about new frontiers in alliances, including alliances with CMOs and for biosimilars.
  • Develop your ability to influence others and communicate complex ideas, core skills for alliance managers.
  • Get hands-on training in alliance management basics, such as governance, aligning compliance processes and resetting the road map for a long-lived alliance.

Keynote Speaker for 2012 ASAP BioPharma Conference Announced!

Percival Barretto-Ko, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Government Affairs, Astellas US

Enabling Growth: The Strategic Mission of Alliance Management

Biopharmaceutical companies have embraced alliances and collaboration as a core strategy for growth in an era when they are fighting against many forces that stymie that growth. Alliance managers have a central role to play in ensuring their companies can realize the alliance success the C-Suite expects. Our keynote presenter will share:

  • C-Suite expectations of alliances and alliance managers relative to their growth agendas.
  • The anticipated external forces alliance managers should be preparing to address within their alliances.


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