US-EU eHealth Conference

Tuesday, October 23 – Wednesday, October 24 2012

Location: State House, Boston, Massachusetts



This two-day conference is designed to generate real business and creat lasting, effective relationships to provide international networks and to supply market intellegence on the size, structure and potential opportunities of the joint US-EU market of 800 million people.

This conference stems from the work to promote collaboration through NIMAC, an informal organization formed in 2009 that includes Massachusetts, Northern Ireland, Finland, and the Catalonia region of Spain. Attendees will include participants from the US, North Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Scotland, France, Catalonia, Greece, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Latvia, and Estonia.

The Conference will feature:

  • Economic opportunities created by US-EU cooperation
  • 21st Century health systems
  • Funding opportunities, including Horizon 2020
  • Interoperability roundtable
  • Legal issues in cross-border health information exchanges
  • US-EU roadmap

For more information and registration, click here.



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