NCI SBIR Webinar

Thursday, October 18 2012
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

MassBio is collaborating with BIO and the National Cancer Institute Small Business Development Center to provide you an exclusive chance to learn more about the valuable funding opportunities and resources offered by the NCI Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Programs.

Michael Weingarten, Director of the NCI SBIR Development Center, will lead a webinar session on October 18 to discuss initiatives designed to help early-stage companies advance their promising innovations from the lab to the marketplace.

The webinar will also include updates on legislative changes that will expand the SBIR & STTR Programs, as well as new funding opportunities aimed at progressing cancer research. Discussion will include an overview of new changes that will allow NIH to spend up to 25% of SBIR funds on small businesses majority owned by multiple VCs, hedge funds, or private equity firms.

Join us for this webinar to discover how working with the NCI SBIR Development Center can catalyze small business innovation and the commercialization of cancer technologies.


 NCI SBIR Webinar

Thursday October 18, 2012

3:00 pm EST


 Registration and further information will be available soon.

 The following topics will be covered: 

  • Overview of the NCI SBIR & STTR Programs 
  • Information about NCI's $10M contract funding opportunities designed to accelerate research and technology development in areas of need to address the cancer burden in the United States. (Due November 13, 2012) 
  • Overview of NCI grant funding opportunities 
  • A preview of the Phase IIB Bridge Award, a $3M funding opportunity from the NCI to help small businesses overcome funding gaps and foster collaboration to catalyze the movement of cancer research tools, devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics to the commercialization stage 
  • Updates on expansion of the SBIR & STTR Programs that will help make it possible for more companies and investors to capitalize on new initiatives that go beyond funding to help promising startups advance technology development towards commercialization. Key areas of expansion include increased funding for SBIR & STTR, and expanded eligibility to include businesses with venture, hedge, and private equity funding 
  • Updates on the initiatives of the NCI SBIR Development Center to support small businesses and how the center's portfolio is being leveraged by strategic partners to accelerate drug discovery and technology development

For a complete list of NCI SBIR & STTR funding opportunities, please visit

There are Many Benefits of Participating in the SBIR & STTR Programs: 

  • SBIR & STTR awards provide recognition, visibility, and validation 
  • SBIR & STTR funding can be a leveraging tool to attract additional funding from third-party investors 
  • Awards are not loans; no repayment is required 
  • SBIR & STTR funding is non-dilutive capital (i.e., an award does not impact the company's stock or shares in any way) 
  • Intellectual property rights to technologies developed under these programs are retained by the small business concern 
  • Projects are vetted through NIH's rigorous scientific peer review


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