Pharma Labeling Compliance Conference

Tuesday, March 19 – Thursday, March 21 2013

Location: Boston, MA

Designing a product label is a long and complex process, from the amount of time that is needed, to creating a label that is compliant with the current FDA regulations.

The marcus evans Pharma Labeling Compliance Conference will explore new ways to overcome these challenges by analyzing the current FDA timelines and regulations that will impact the life cycle of a label as well as will look at one of the hottest topics, Structured Product Labeling (SPL), evaluating how companies are converting their word documents into XML format, and discussing the benefits of Downstream Structured Product Labeling. This conference will then assess the way the product label is designed, how it will meet pharmacovigilance requirements, and be able to track the label’s global compliance.

By attending, delegates will gain a comprehensive view of how to stay compliant with  the most up-to-date FDA regulations create an effective labeling strategy, evaluate current Structured Product Labeling (SPL) guidance and track global labeling compliance.

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