Clinical Trial Overview: the Players, Process and Language

Tuesday, September 10 2013
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

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Location: MassBio offices 300 Tech Square 8th floor Cambridge, MA 02139

Two (2) Tuesday evenings - September 10th and 24th 2013 from 5:30-9pm
This course can be taken as a pre-requisite to Managing Clinical Trials.

Please contact Julie Deschenes for information on package deal for both classes!


Clinical Trial Overview: The Players, Process, and Language



 Course Description

Clinical trials evaluate investigational methods – including drugs, devices, biologics, and combinations – for treating, diagnosing, and preventing various diseases, disorders, and conditions. Clinical trials are required to gain approval to market a product, are expected to generate high quality data, and must demonstrate adherence to regulatory and ethical standards. This 2-session, 7-hour course will provide an overview of those involved (the players), how trials work (the process), and the basic terminology of clinical trials (the language).

Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, 300 Technology Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

$745 for MassBio Members; $895 for non-members, and $700 for non-profit members.

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