Know Your Options: Considering a “Virtual” Commercial Operation

Tuesday, February 12 2013
8:30 am – 10:30 am

Location: 250 East Grand Avenue, Suite 26 South San Francisco, CA 94080

Join a panel of industry experts from CIS, D2 Pharma Consulting, and Dendreon as they discuss the options available to emerging companies considering commercial operations.

Emerging biopharma companies have determined that a large pharma partner is not necessarily required to successfully launch a product in the US market. These companies are seeing an opportunity to retain control over the products they have worked so hard to develop by pursuing their own commercialization strategies in the form of a serviced-based, outsourced model. This "virtual" commercialization model minimizes internal systems and staffing while utilizing best-in-breed operational support at each stage of pre-launch commercial planning. Attendees will learn key insights and best practices from companies who successfully implemented this model.
Key questions to be covered during this lively discussion include:

  • What are the key operational components of outsourced commercialization and back office support?
  • How do you determine which activities are relevant to your business and the timeline for implementation?
  • What are the compliance considerations and the options to avoid unknown risks?
  • Why is the US government market important?


  • Chris Cobourn, Senior Vice President, Commercial Compliance, CIS
  • Jay McKinley, Senior Director, Government Pricing & Commercial Operations, Dendreon
  • Peter Lee, Director of Commercial Compliance, West Coast Operations, CIS
  • Linda L. Schock, Director, Government Programs, CIS
  • Dan Steiber, Principal, D2 Pharma Consulting


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