2nd Annual Frye-Halloran Symposium - The Educational Symposium of ISEV: Exosomes & the Nervous System

Tuesday, April 16 2013

Location: Massachusetts General Hospital

Exosomes & the Nervous System: Molecular Biology, Diagnosis & Therapeutic Implication

The Frye - Halloran Symposium is an annual event that aims to facilitate the transition of promising innovations from the laboratory to the care of the patient. 

The 2013 symposium, taking place at the Massachusetts General Hospital on April 16, brings together international exosome experts to address the molecular revolution by which cell derived microparticles can provide diagnosis of gliomas, can be used to biomark for response and prognosis and offer the possibility of novel therapeutics. With the identification of glioma specific recurrent mutations in the last 5 years, we are now on the cusp of translating these molecular discoveries into meaningful clinical strategies for patient care.  Exosome studies will play a major role in these advances. The symposium will provide clinicians with a working understanding of this emerging field, set the stage for upcoming clinical trials and opportunities for collaboration. Most importantly observations linking exosomes to the nervous system can be extrapolated to a wider range of infectious diseases and immunologic control mechanisms. 

The one day Frye Halloran Educational Symposium will be divided into 3 sessions:
            Session 1: Definitions and Basic Understanding of Exosomes and Extracellular MicroVesicles
            Session 2: Application of Analytics to the Identification of Exosomes in Biofluids
            Session 3: Clinical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Studies of Exosomes in the Nervous System

We envision the meeting to be of interest to clinicians and laboratory scientists in the fields of neurology, neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, neuropathology, radiation oncology, neuroradiology, nursing and other specialties involved in the research, diagnosis, care and treatment of patients with neurological conditions.

Registration is required. For more information and to register, please visit http://frye-halloran.org/


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