Theorem Think Tank on Drug Development Boston

Thursday, March 7 2013
3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: Boston Marriott Cambridge, Two Cambridge Center, 50 Broadway Cambridge, MA

Join The THEOREM THINKERS in Boston on March 7 for an Afternoon Focused on the Latest Industry Developments! Space is Limited! 

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Theorem Clinical Research, Inc. will be hosting their first Theorem Think Tank on drug development in Boston from 3-7 p.m. on March 7. Led by noted leaders in their respective fields, the six sessions offer insight into key aspects of the drug and medical device development process for groups and individuals seeking a better understanding.  Click here to register:

If you’re in the drug or medical device industry and close to Boston, the THEOREM THINK TANK is a rare opportunity to gain important insights from some of Theorem’s top thinkers! Take us up on this chance to further your education and understanding of global drug and medical device development. Visit one, two or three sessions. Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Talk one-on-one with leading experts and get valuable advice on your own development programs.

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