Linde to Host Cryogenic Safety Training and Lunch

Tuesday, April 30 2013
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: MassBio, 300 Technology Square, 8th Floor, Cambridge, MA

Linde will provide an overview of the safe use of cryogenic liquids and equipment in the laboratory environment.

Training Agenda:
-  Provide an understanding of the associated hazards of cryogenic liquids
-  The proper use of common cryogenic containers
-  The safe handling and proper storage of cryogenic containers
-  The proper selection and use of personal protective equipment
-  Provide an understanding of the functionality of cryogenic containers.


In addition to this complimentary safety training, Linde and Concoa would like to take the opportunity to introduce to the membership a unique and innovative product:

The revolutionary CryoWiz™ Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Switchover—the next generation of safe cryogenic liquid management.

The fully automatic CryoWiz delivers a continuous supply of liquid nitrogen to multiple cryogenic freezers with little to no variation in cryogen temperature or state.  Using a proprietary algorithm to pipe away hot gas and economize liquid use, the CryoWiz minimizes flash loss and maintains a user-specified temperature.  To ensure safe and reliable use, the unit may be integrated with an external oxygen monitor and features visual and audible alarms as well as optional remote alarms.  
The CryoWiz offers both “keep full” and “on-demand” operation modes that may be customized to the specific cryogenic application. Building upon CONCOA’s I-LINK™ communications technology, the CryoWiz comes with an onboard web server which allows for remote monitoring and notifies users via e-mail in alarm conditions.  Additionally, the switchover boasts a built-in event log processor that logs up to 24,000 system events.

Ultimately the design of the Cryo wiz provides a level of safety, security and economy in the supply of liquid nitrogen to cryogenic freezers previously unavailable in an integrated manifold.


All participants will receive a certificate of participation to keep on file.

Lunch will be provided by MexiCali




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