NEHI ACO Summit Webcast: How Will ACOs Transform Patient Access to Innovation and Technology?

Thursday, March 21 2013
2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Location: Online

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, more than 428 Accountable Care Organizations have been established by CMS.  While ACOs are in the spotlight as a means to transform the health care system, many challenges need to be addressed.  This dynamic summit, the second in a series, will continue NEHI’s exploration into the potential impact of ACOs on patients access to innovative therapies and technologies.   NEHI is bringing together an esteemed group of senior executives from several pioneer ACOs and experts from the academic, biopharmaceutical, medical device and patient communities.

Join us, via live webcast, on March 21 to hear from our keynote speaker, Mark B. McClellan, MD, from the ACO Learning Network at Brookings.

Following Dr. McClellan’s remarks, Margaret Anderson from FasterCures will moderate a robust panel discussion featuring:

·        Michael S. Jellinek, MD, Partners Healthcare System

·         Charles Kennedy, MD, Aetna 

·         Marc Malloy, Renaissance Medical Management Company 

·         John Pilotte, Performance-Based Payment Policy Group, CMS 

·         Elizabeth Fowler, Johnson & Johnson

NEHI is a national, nonprofit, health policy institute focused on enabling innovation that will improve health care quality and lower health care costs. Working in partnership with members from across the health care system, NEHI brings an objective, collaborative and fresh voice to health policy.  NEHI combines the collective vision of our diverse membership and our independent, evidence-based research to move ideas into action.

Registration is now open!


 Sponsored by AstraZeneca.



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