National Pediatric Innovation Summit + Awards 2013: Taking on Tomorrow

Thursday, September 26 – Friday, September 27 2013

Location: Boston, MA

Join Boston Children's Hospital for the first annual National Pediatric Innovation Summit + Awards 2013, an event to convene  top thought leaders to address the toughest challenges in pediatric health care today.

  • Cutting-edge breakthroughs in pediatric care
  • Dynamic dialogue among the nation’s thought leaders in business, industry and health care
  • Awards recognizing Clinical Innovation, Community/Patient Empowerment, and Research/Scientific Breakthrough in Autism


When it comes to health care, what matters in pediatrics matters for everybody. Pediatrics has a front-row seat in the health care arena: Diseases of adulthood often have their origins in childhood, and pediatrics is well positioned to spot problems, head them off and lead the search for safe and lasting solutions.

That makes pediatric care a hotbed for innovation, from personal genomics to digital apps and telemedicine programs that keep kids out of the hospital. From patient engagement initiatives that truly empower families to advances in diagnosing behavioral disorders before symptoms gel—when they’re most treatable. With rare diseases of increasing interest to Big Pharma, children’s hospitals are hosting more clinical trials than ever before.

Political and economic pressures to cut costs are fueling many pediatric innovations, but they’re also posing challenges. Regulatory and commercialization barriers are especially high for children, and NIH support for research is diminishing. Where will investments in tomorrow’s care be coming from? How can we close the gap between discovery and treatment?

Taking on Tomorrow will convene top thought leaders to distill the successes and address the tough challenges that continue to confront pediatric health care. Leading clinicians, scientists, engineers and leaders in industry, private equity and health care policy will engage in panels and “town hall” discussions—collectively taking on problems no single organization, agency or company can solve alone.

Register today to join this dynamic dialogue, connect with professionals in other sectors and help transform medicine for the future.

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