Design Strong Relationships

Tuesday, September 24 2013
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, 7 Cambridge Center, Monadnock Room, Cambridge, MA

When an individual's life is "working well," it means that their relationships are likely thriving. When life isn't working well, there are probably relationships that could use fixing. Strong relationships are built on clear communication, a commitment to a shared vision and a willingness to face the truth together. In this seminar, we explore how participants relate to others in their lives: significant others, family, friends, coworkers or community members. We teach participants how to design thriving relationships by identifying relationship issues and addressing those issues. We show participants how to speak with compassion and still deliver a straight message. By using our techniques, participants learn how to work through hurt feelings, mistakes and resolve conflicts so that their relationships become a source of joy.    

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