The Power of 60 Million: Accelerating Late Stage Clinical Trials Through to the Patient in the UK

Monday, October 14 2013
10:00 am – 3:30 pm

Location: British Consulate General, One Broadway, 7th Floor, Cambridge MA 02142

This seminar is in two parts. The first focuses on the ability that the UK has to assist you to design, to rapidly recruit and to complete pivotal clinical trials – driven in part by the ability to interrogate 60 million healthcare records in real time, to accurately identify sites with high numbers of potential patients. The second part focuses on the UK systems to monitor late stage clinical candidates to facilitate the planning for and adoption of novel therapeutics in NHS. Insights will be provided on the NICE’s assessment of new and existing medicines and treatments to develop recommendations on their use within the NHS and the Scientific Advice service which offers an early consultation to pharmaceutical companies on their product development plans.

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