Building Anatomic Pathology Labs For Start-Ups

Friday, November 8 2013
8:00 am – 10:30 am

Event Inquiries

Thomas Ryan- 617-875-2895/

Location: MASSBIO Office- 300 Technology Sq., Cambridge, MA

Bioscience Solutions Group will be presenting an overview on best practices to follow when building out an Anatomic Pathology laboratory. Our panel has a breadth of experience in building and managing AP laboratories throughout the world and will be able to share their experiences and acquired knowledge with the audience.

This session will include a 4 part presentation on how to prepare your organization for building out an AP lab, where to focus your resources, what hurdles to watch out for and more…

Please see below for additional areas of expertise and topics of conversation for this seminar.



Anatomic Pathology Lab Criteria


Laboratory Assistant -

* Data entry, document control and general laboratory duties

* Materials management support for documents, blocks and slides

Routine Histology -

* Full cycle histopathology services from grossing to slide

* Grossing, embedding, rotary, frozen and ultra microtomy, routine staining and special    stains

* Instrument maintenance, quality control and adherence to all regulatory standards

 Advanced Staining -

* Immunohistochemistry - manual and automated on virtually any known platform

* Chromogenic and fluorescent in-situ hybridization staining

* Enzyme and neuropathology staining techniques


Molecular Biology


* Plating for isolation, screening and identification of microbes, extraction and PCR

* Biochemical tests, staining and temperature tolerance procedures

* RNA and DNA isolation and quantitation/QC

* Gene transcript expression profiling, and both genome and transcript sequencing

* Final reading of media results




Laboratory Management and Workflow -

* Objective workflow analysis and process improvement strategies

* Charter design, process flow mapping, measures of success and dashboards

* GE Healthcare LEAN certified experts



* Extensive expertise in clinical and research laboratory regulations and standards

* Compliant with Joint Commission, CAP, ASHI, FACT, AABB, GLP, DPH and CLIA

* Document control, procedure manual and SOP construction services




Professional Level Diagnostic Services -

* Board certified Pathologists and PhD level scientists

* Consultation on scientific process, project and platform design

* Light, dark room and digital interpretation and professional reporting


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