2nd Annual Signaling in Cancer Symposium - Translating Cellular Signaling, From Bench to Bedside

Friday, November 8 2013

This event was posted by Cell Signaling Technology

Location: Walker Memorial Hall, MIT

The pace of research in cell signaling and its intimate connection with the diagnosis and treatment of human cancer continues to accelerate. Many of these advances are derived from our enhanced understanding of the underlying biology of cancer signaling gleaned from model systems and human samples, while others have emerged from the availability of new tools, reagents and methods of data analysis. 

 Last year the Koch Institute for Cancer Research at MIT, together with Cell Signaling Technology, hosted a sold-out 1-day conference titled “Understanding Signaling Pathways in Cancer”, that featured a series of outstanding talks and poster presentations.  This fall we will again host the second Annual Koch-Institute-CST Signaling in Cancer symposium, entitled, Translating Cellular Signaling, from Bench to Bedside”.

This year's meeting will include 11 speakers from both academia and industry.  You can find the list of speakers here.

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