Microbial Fermentation Development: Scale-Up and Manufacturing

Tuesday, June 3 – Friday, June 6 2014
8:30 am – 4:00 pm

This event was posted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Event Inquiries

Jody Reis, jreis@wpi.edu, 508-831-4163 http://cpe.wpi.edu/microbial-fermentation.html

Location: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The successful implementation of microbial fermentation technology requires optimization of a number of variables. A clear understanding of all aspects of this technology assures that upstream scientists and technicians are capable and confident in their handling of these processes.

This technical short course employs extensive hand-on laboratory work. Participants will thaw seed vials and perform scale-up operations from a shake flask to a bench top fermenter, to a pilot scale fermenter. Participants will also learn the fundamentals of microbial growth, cell line development and media composition and selection.                   

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the principles of microbial growth and growth kinetics
  • Understand what the various media components are and their functionality
  • Understand protein expression and production
  • Identify the critical components of fermenters: how they work and are used
  • The setup, preparation, sterilization and inoculation of a fermenter
  • Understand how mixing studies are performed and why
  • Understand the critical attributes to consider during scale-up
  • Define the procedures employed to harvest the fermenter
  • Learn the above in a simulated GMP environment following SOPs

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