SBIR Event: Ninth Annual ASSETs Forum - Meet Corporate VC & Large Firm Partners

Wednesday, April 23 2014

Location: Boston Common Hotel & Conference Center, 40 Trinity Place, Boston, MA 02116

Two Events in One:  Partnering and Corporate VC

Perhaps particularly in the rapidly changing world and areas of impact of the Life Sciences, there is considerable overlap between the business activities of

  • Partnering and various forms of collaborations between Large Firms in their role as Tech Seeker and the Small Firms that may involve
  • and the types of financial engagement - investment and some level of ownership - that defines Corporate Venture Capital

Most effectively to respond to those changing conditions and to make efficient use of people's time and resources, therefore, it makes good sense to tie together these two relationship-creating activities in this Ninth Annual ASSETs Forum.  Nonetheless, it should be stressed that

  • content focus, scheduled activities and overall emphases in these two spaces are quite distinctly different
  • and the structure and format of these two Event Components reflect those differences.

Though it is likely that the major percentage of SBIR-involved firms opting to participate in this important event will be there for the duration, a few may not (yet) be thinking in investment terms and/or are not ready to make that type of 'pitch'.  Therefore, SBIR Awardees attending this by-invitation convening have the choice of participating

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