Personalized Medicine: Moving from Data to Action - Where Are We Today? Where Are We Headed?

Wednesday, June 11 2014
8:00 am – 10:00 am

Location: MassBio, 300 Technology Square, 8th Floor, Cambridge, MA.

The way in which diseases are evaluated and diagnosed is changing with the advancement in sequencing and proteomic approaches. Many companies are beginning to pave the way for the realization of “Personalized Medicine."

Come and hear examples of what a few companies are currently doing to make this possibility a reality. We will also discuss the vision for how medical treatment and drug development will be changing over the next few years.


  • Michael Cardone, PhD, Co-founder, President and CEO,  Eutropics
  • Jennifer Levin Carter, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer and Founder, N-of-One
  • Niven R. Narain, Co-founder, President and Chief Technology Officer,  Berg


  • Robert K. Suto, PhD, President and CSO, Xtal BioStructures, Inc.

Speaker Bios:

Michael Cardone, PhD, Co-founder, President and CEO,  Eutropics

Eutropics is a clinical diagnostics company in Cambridge, MA. His experience includes over 12 years of scientific and business management at early to mid-stage biotech companies. Prior to Eutropics he was a scientific co-founder of Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, a Cambridge, MA based company (NASDQ trading symbol: MACK) where he worked to develop the initial oncology program and recruit the starting team. Prior to this he lead a research team at the MIT department of Biology. Michael Cardone received his PhD in Cell Biology from the University of California San Francisco. He completed post-doctoral studies at the Burnham Institute in La Jolla, CA.


Jennifer Levin Carter, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer and Founder, N-of-One

Jennifer Levin Carter, MD, MPH, founded N-of-One in 2008 and currently
serves as Chief Medical Officer. N-of-One is the industry leader in clinical
interpretation for oncology. N-of-One provides clinical analysis, curation
and interpretation of a tumor's molecular profile to a growing number of
providers, diagnostic labs and patients. N-of-One solutions and services
support oncologists at the point-of-care by delivering up-to-date clinical
insights and knowledge that link molecular data to treatment options to
identify relevant clinical strategies for each patient's unique cancer - all
in a highly usable, efficient and cost effective form for treating

Dr. Carter has led the development of N-of-One clinical interpretation
techniques and processes for the past 6 years and has more than 20 years of
experience evaluating existing and emerging markets, new medical
technologies, and early-stage companies in the health care field. Based on
this experience, Dr. Carter has been appointed to be the Precision Medicine
Section Editor for OBR Oncology, a leading media outlet for oncology news
and information.

In establishing N-of-One, Dr. Carter brought to the enterprise extensive
experience analyzing market opportunities, creating services to improve
health care delivery, forming expert teams, and identifying business
synergies. She also has experience in business analysis and planning for new
technologies in health care. Prior to launching N-of-One, Dr. Carter was a
consultant and analyzed biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device
firms on behalf of investors. Dr. Carter is a board-certified internist and
seasoned entrepreneur, has B.S. degrees in Molecular Biophysics and
Biochemistry from Yale University. She received an M.D. from Harvard Medical
School and an M.P.H. from The Harvard School of Public Health.


Niven R. Narain, Co-founder, President and Chief Technology Officer, Berg, LLC

Niven R. Narain is Co-founder, President and Chief Technology Officer of Berg (formerly Cytotech Labs), a vertically integrated healthcare solutions company that houses the Interrogative Biology™ discovery platform that arbitrates leading-edge discovery and health analytics initiatives. Niven also co-founded Berg Biosystems and Berg Diagnostics which are now integrated as divisions of Berg. Most notably, Niven is the inventor of the Berg Interrogative Biology™ Discovery platform that serves as the engine of innovation driving rapid identification of therapeutic targets and biomarkers for diagnostic development, and produced 6 IND's in less than 4 years among numerous validated biomarker panels in cancer and drug toxicity. He is also the discoverer of a novel cancer technology, BPM 31510 going into Phase III trials for skin cancers and currently in late Phase I trials indicated for solid tumors and heme malignancies.

Narain has over 325 US and international issued and pending patents that cover technologies pertaining to drug discovery platforms, cancer, wound healing, pain, fatigue, burns, diabetes, chemotoxicity, metabolic diseases, and corresponding diagnostics of the aforementioned.


Robert Suto, PhD, President and CSO, Xtal BioStructures, Inc.

Dr. Suto co-founded Xtal BioStructures nine years ago, as a company providing protein production, biophysical assays, and X-ray crystallography services to the pharmaceutical and biotech commmunity. As a biochemist with a thorough knowledge of structure-guided drug discovery, he has been involved in various aspects of discovery and development projects with over sixty companies. Prior to co-founding Xtal BioStructures, Dr. Suto served as a lead scientist at Pintex Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a startup company focused on the development of structure-based cancer therapeutics and diagnostics. Xtal BioStructures is involved in personalized medicine as part of the group of collaborators in the DNA-SEQ Alliance companies, where Dr. Suto also serves on the SAB.


This Forum is presented by the Drug Discovery Forum Working Group

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