Powerful Murine Models for Preclinical Drug Testing from Jackson Laboratory and Caliper Life Sciences

Thursday, October 15 2009
8:00 am – 10:00 am

Join the Drug Disovery Committee for "Powerful Murine Models for Preclinical Drug Testing from Jackson Laboratory and Caliper Life Sciences.


"Going after the real killer: metastasis. Non-invasive visible light imaging enabling fast and efficient evaluation of new drug candidates"

Peter Lassota Ph.D.,Divisional Vice President Imaging Biology & Oncology Caliper Life Sciences

Abstract: "Recent demonstration that several "flagship" anticancer agents effective in slowing the growth of primary tumors may actually promote the spread of metastasis, calls for more thorough evaluation of each oncology drug in development. Introduction of non-invasive visible light imaging made possible using models of spontaneous metastasis, as well as GEM models, where the entire process of tumor development closely resembles one seen in patients, for routine evaluation of new anticancer treatments. In our presentation we will discuss models of spontaneous metastasis utilizing luciferase-labeled human and murine cancer cells, as well as luciferase-labeled genetically driven mouse cancer models"


The "humanized" mouse: Overcoming the mouse-human differences in the preclinical setting

Yan Yang, Ph.D., Business Unit Manager, In Vivo Services, The Jackson Laboratory

Abstract: Humanized mice are defined as immunodeficient mice engrafted with human hematopoietic stem cells.  These mouse-human chimeric animals offer a functional human immune system in a small animal model setting, thus enabling research on in vivo human biology that would otherwise not be possible owing to ethical, logistical and/or technical constraints.  The incorporation of the IL2 receptor gamma chain knockout mutation into the immunodeficient host has significantly increased the engraftment efficiency of human hematopoietic stem cells or peripheral-blood mononuclear cells.  The engrafted mice are proving to be powerful tools in preclinical testing across a broad range of therapeutic areas including autoimmune disease, drug toxicity on human hematopoiesis, gene therapy, infectious disease, and vaccine testing.



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