Charter Membership

Become a Charter Member of the Innovation Exchange, and gain access to world class IP & leading biotech companies with platforms and technologies specific to your requirements, leading you to more efficient and effective business development. Each Charter Member will receive a customized Innovation Plan to maximize the MassBio network of cutting-edge biotechnology companies and academic researchers.

The Exchange, powered by ideaPoint's proven Innovation Management solution, enables the strategic connection of buyers and sellers. The Exchange allows buyers to properly evaluate commercial opportunities aligned with their business development interests, and accelerates the overall commercialization process.


Charter Members receive:

  • Immediate access to world class IP/inventors & leading biotechnology companies and direct connection to MassBio's network of members
  • A customized portal that maps to your specific Portfolio Strategy & Partnering Requirements
  • World class solution that increases deal flow; creates a new dimension of performance for innovation teams; and provides compliance and transparency
  • ideaPoint’s Best Practice Innovation Management Assessment & Business Case, as well as implementation & training
  • Enabling solution that facilitates virtual Pharma Days for MassBio Members

To learn more about Charter Membership, watch this webinar or contact Rakhshita Dhar at