Be a Mentor!

Our vision is to gather the experts within our membership and to deploy them as business advisors (Mentors) to entrepreneurs interested in starting new companies. Mentors bring to the table their years of experience in industry, their connections to essential services necessary to bring ideas to market, and the willingness to give back to the biotech community.

If you are a seasoned biotechnology professional - more than 10 years in the industry as a Director or above - and you are looking to give back, volunteer to be a MassCONNECT Mentor, and keep innovation going strong in Massachusetts.

As a Mentor, you provide professional and expert insight into business, scientific, and clinical related matters (depending on your area of expertise) necessary to advancing your mentee’s business opportunity.  For example, after meeting with your mentee you may deem that certain proof of principle experiments are lacking. As a Mentor with discovery and preclinical expertise, you will work with the mentee to devise milestone driven experiments demonstrating proof of principle.
Mentors work as a team, and gather once a quarter to listen to investigator presentations.

Mentors agree to:

  • Be available to an founder/investigator for at least 1-2 hours per week for about 8 weeks, whether by telephone or in person meeting;
  • Be willing to introduce the potential founder/investigator to your network of individuals you think appropriate and who could facilitate advancement of the project at hand;
  • Work with the founder/investigator and MassCONNECT’s MBA student volunteers to offer guidance, advice, and expertise towards building a business model and plan.


Interested in being a MassCONNECT Mentor? Contact Anna Christo at or 617-674-5156.





Nixon Peabody




Questions about MassCONNECT or how to participate?

 Contact Anna Christo at or 617-674-5156.