Pharma Days

Pharma Days are designed to maximize buyer and seller interactions and to prospect for pipeline growth.  Pharma Days aggregate over 120 biotechnology companies in one place at one time, bringing buyers and sellers together for in person conversations. This highly efficient forum reduces meeting set-up inefficiencies, and provides an intimate opportunity for pharma to meet prospectively with new emerging biotechnology companies. 

Pharma Days

MassBio can help pharma companies speak to biotech companies "under the radar," and arrange the right meeting with the right people for the right indications, specific to an organization's pipeline.

For buyers, Pharma Days offer:

  • A one to two day unique partnering event that is all about your company and the visibility you get before 120+ of the most innovative biotechnology firms.
  • One-on-one partnering with CEOs and heads of business development in your therapeutic/diagnostic space.
  • An opportunity to present your company’s sourcing strategy for new licenses and acquisitions to the biotechnology community.
  • Intimate and unhurried exchange of information.
  • A chance to avoid the frenzy and “noise” of other major partnering conferences.

MassBio staff will work with you to:

  • Identify, invite and follow up with the contacts you’d like to meet.
  • Organize a one to two day unique partnering event that is all about your company and your visibility. 


Check out the Boston Business Journal's story on Pharma Days.

If you or your organization is interested in partnering on a Pharma Day, please contact Rakhshita Dhar at or 617-674-5100.