Therapeutic Opportunities Index

MassBio’s new Therapeutic Opportunity Index is a catalog composed of the top ten pharmaceutical companies and their current areas of research, available to MassBio members only.

Using the Therapeutic Index, you can review pharma company pipeline's by disease hub, indication and method of action. You can also preview each company’s therapeutic trend history for the past five years, thus achieving a better understanding of each company’s areas of therapeutic focus.

This index, combined with MassBio’s Innovation Services programs will help you better target potential licensees and collaborators. Use the index in conjunction with Pharma Days to present the right technologies to industry and use the index to put the right technologies into the Innovation Exchange knowing that Bio/Pharma companies having the same strategic interests will be viewing your technologies.

And of course, continue to use the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council’s other programs– whether at committee meetings, MassCONNECT, Pharma Days, or our Signature Events - to meet with your business counterparts.  Ultimately, the Therapeutic Opportunity Index is designed to assist you in the process of aligning your opportunity with the right strategy!


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