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Bio-Tree Systems, Inc

Category: Bioinformatics
Phone: (508) 872-3376
Fax: (508) 620-9807
Location: Framingham, MA

Bio-Tree was formed in mid-2000's under the guidance of Dr. Judah Folkman, the discoverer of tumor angiogenesis. The company is inventing the new life science informatics field of VASCULOMICS(tm). This field is enabling a novel disease diagnostics and therapy personalization based on gerometric informatics extracted from micro-vascular trees in the diseased locations. There are over 100 disease classes expressed by abnormal vascular patterns which can be diagnosed and characterized by VASCULOMICS(tm). Our initial disease indication is cancer. In this area we are working major pharmaceticals in oncology drug discovery where we enable quantification, through micro-vascular geometry informatics and in full 3D, mechanism and efficacy of single compounds and combinations irrespective of inhibition pathway. We are also expanding the reach of VASCULOMICS(tm) to the CNS and Diabetes areas. In diabetes we plan to focus on Nephropathy, Retinopathy and Neuropathy (a.k.a. Peripheral Vascular Disease or PVD). In CNS we are entering the STROKE and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) areas, with longer term objective to expand to Neuro-Degenerative Diseases. Currently our work is in the pre-clinical space. We are in process of expanding the reach of theVASCULOMICS(tm) technology to the clinic, with the goal of covering diseases "from the bench to the bedside".

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