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Horizon CombinatoRx

Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: 617-301-7000
Location: Cambridge, MA

Horizon CombinatoRx has created cHTS, a unique platform that provides a way to quantitatively assess how drugs or other probes of biological targets interact with diverse genetic backgrounds using whole-cell based phenotypic screening. The platform provides a high-throughput capability to identify synergistic or antagonistic interactions between small-molecule drugs, therapeutic antibodies or proteins that can be developed as therapeutic candidates.

The platform is supported by ChaliceTM, a proprietary data analysis platform for characterizing single agent and multi-target screening results, allowing researchers to quantitatively assess the strength of combination interactions and to extract valuable insights, discoveries, and data trends from high-throughput combination activity profiling experiments.

CombinatoRx has a long and distinguished track record working on combination drug discovery with both pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Projects have included the combination screening of small molecules, biologics (antibodies, peptides) and hybrid molecules (such as antibody-drug conjugates).

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