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Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: (508) 532-2685
Fax: (508) 532-2503
Location: Milford, MA

Expertise. Innovation. Reliability.

When your needs call for a contract services organization, Avecia OligoMedicines stands ready. Whether it's in the development, manufacturing or analysis of therapeutic oligonucleotides, Avecia is committed to exceeding your expectations.

You can rely on our FDA-inspected facility to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) that meet the international requirements of ICH Q7. We have more than 15-years experience synthesizing siRNA, aptamers, chimeras, DNA, RNA and molecular decoys. It's no wonder we are the manufacturing partner for more than 1,000 different sequences at production scale.

Whether you are in preclinical stages, or ready for a commercial launch, you can be assured of the best in both technology and service when you turn to the world-leading capabilities of Avecia.

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