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Exogenesis Corporation

Category: Medical Device
Phone: (978) 439-0120
Fax: (978) 439-0220
Location: Billerica, MA
Therapeutic Areas: Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, Eye and Ear

Exogenesis Corporation is a privately-held, venture capital backed company founded in 2005 to employ proprietary gas cluster ion beam (GCIB) and accelerated neutral atom beam (ANAB) technology for the processing of implantable medical devices and other products including optics, crystals and a variety of microscopy devices. GCIB and ANAB are new processing techniques capable of producing atomic level surface modification effects which are not available by any other existing methods. Exogenesis has developed strong GCIB and ANAB expertise and related intellectual property for application in a variety of medical products, including implantable medical devices such as vascular stents and a variety of orthopedic devices.

The GCIB concept originated during the early 1990’s from studies of cluster ion generation and related surface interaction effects at the Ion Beam Engineering Experimental Laboratory of Kyoto University under the direction of Professor Isao Yamada. Subsequent development in Japan, and at Epion Corporation in the U.S., has established GCIB as a highly versatile technique for manufacturing of microdevice products from a number of industries, particularly in optics and semiconductors. ANAB was developed exclusively by Exogenesis. Exogenesis utilizes unique capabilities of GCIB and ANAB in the preparation of implantable medical devices offering superior surface properties. Exogenesis is engaged in development activities with a number of partners in the medical device industry and is interested in exploring new applications for its technology with other firms who are seeking to develop next generations of innovative medical products.

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