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Ariana Data Intelligence, Inc.

Category: Bioinformatics
Phone: (617) 401-3070
Location: Cambridge, MA

Having trouble figuring out what your data means? Bio-statistics got you perplexed? Not satisfied with your Biomarker signature?
We can help.
Ariana offers a unique and powerful FDA tested "association rules"-based analytical approach to clinical datasets and biomarker discovery that is complementary to statistical analysis. We identify patient responders and clinical bias, and thereby reduce clinical drug development cost and risk. We can give you the strongest biomarker signature possible using your data.
Ariana is made up of an experienced, inter-disciplinary team of PhD biologists, bio-statisticians, chemists and clinical experts. Ariana® was founded in 2003 and provides data analysis services to a large number of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnology companies.

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