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Theorem Clinical Research, Inc.

Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: (484) 679-2400
Fax: (484) 679-2531
Location: King of Prussia, PA

When you need the perfect research partner to simplify complex clinical trials, THINK THEOREM.

When you think about it, your perfect research partner is the one who gives you an edge: people who have just that extra bit of knowledge or expertise to see a fresh angle to simplify a complex clinical trial. Your perfect research partner is a group of accomplished professionals with deep therapeutic expertise and a passion for research. Your perfect research partner is a worldwide organization that’s big enough to handle comprehensive global trials but small enough to pay meticulous attention to a single-site study. Your perfect research partner is Theorem.

Theorem Clinical Research Inc. is a leading midsized provider of comprehensive clinical research and development services with offices in more than 30 countries and a customer base comprised of some of the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. A leader in medical device and drug-device combination trials in addition to a notable capability in pharmaceuticals and biologics, Theorem has deep expertise in a broad range of therapeutic areas and in all phases of development. Some of the industry's top scientists and most advanced clinical analytics capabilities help ensure smooth-running, successful trials.

When you need a partner who can give you the edge to simplify your most complex trials, don’t give it a second thought. THINK THEOREM.

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