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Avaxia Biologics, Inc.

Category: Drug Development
Phone: (781) 861-0062
Fax: (508) 9602958
Location: Lexington, MA

Avaxia is developing oral antibody products for gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases that can be treated through the mouth and the gastrointestinal tract. Our products are bovine polyclonal antibodies, isolated from the early milk of immunized cows. Nature has designed these antibodies to be both stable to gastric digestion and safe for oral consumption.
We have built a proprietary technology platform on this natural source of antibodies. Our platform offers unique advantages in product safety, cost and convenience. Just as importantly, we offer more rapid clinical development at a greatly reduced cost. Avaxia is currently developing medications to treat inflammatory bowel disease, acute radiation syndrome, diabetes and celiac disease.

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