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Brainwave Discovery, LTD

Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: 44 01 62 556 0652
Location: Newton, MA

Brainwave Discovery offers our clients an effective means to get early in vivo CNS function data for more compounds and target, and multi-target complexes/pathways than is otherwise possible within limited R&D budgets. This allows you to follow many more innovative candidate molecules before committing to long-term, expensive animal and clinical trials. Our technologies also provide a new way to rapidly develop drugs with differential activity on allelic variants of established targets.

Brainwave Discovery delivers a highly customised service to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our scientists will work directly with yours to plan the work so you can be sure that the program and the data are tailored to your requirements. Contact us to arrange a comprehensive review of your requirements and solutions we can offer.

Our solutions put human proteins - your potential drug development targets - in context in an insect (Drosophila) brain ready for rapid pharmacological, behavioural or neurodegenerative testing. From this base, Brainwave Discovery will create neurophysiology and behaviour assays for molecules of your choice.

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