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Cyprotex US, LLC

Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: 617-600-4300
Fax: 617-812-0712
Location: Watertown, MA

Cyprotex Discovery Limited is a preclinical contract research organisation providing ADME & DMPK services to research scientists engaged in drug discovery and development. Cyprotex was established in 1999 and works with over 200 partners ranging from small Biotech organizations to large Pharmaceutical companies. We provide support for a wide range of experimental and computational ADME and PK services extending from early drug discovery through to IND submission.

Our core capabilities include -

Our unique Cloe® Screen platform (high throughput early ADME service) which is based on state of the art robotics and a highly sophisticated customized information management system. This dramatically reduces the cost and time in generating data whilst ensuring excellent reproducibility of data.

Our Cloe® Select experimental service (a customized ADME service) which provides support for later stage ADME and Pharmacokinetic studies.

A range of predictive technologies available under Cloe® Predict which take advantage of our extensive expertise in PBPK and QSAR modeling. Our proprietary Cloe® PK software products integrates core ADME and physicochemical properties to predict whole body pharmacokinetics. Our Cloe® HIA software predicts human intestinal absorption also from early in vitro ADME data. Cloe® Gateway is our secure web portal to enable customer access to our Cloe® Predict services.

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