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BioVex, Inc.

Category: Drug Development
Phone: (781) 484-8098
Fax: (781) 933-602
Location: Woburn, MA

BioVex is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the development and future commercialization of targeted treatments for cancer and the prevention of infectious disease. The company's pipeline of cancer products is built on oncolytic virus technology that replicates and spreads within solid tumors, causing the death of cancer cells while leaving surrounding healthy cells unharmed.

The Company's lead product candidate, OncoVEX GM-CSF has completed a Phase I clinical trial in the United Kingdom in 30 patients with breast, melanoma, head and neck, or gastrointestinal tumors. OncoVEX GM-CSF destroyed tumors while leaving normal tissue undamaged, and without the serious side effects associated with chemotherapy or radiation. OncoVEX GM-CSF is currently in a 14-patient Phase I/II clinical trial in the United Kingdom for the treatment of head and neck cancer and in a 50-patient Phase II trial in the USA for the tretament of melanoma. BioVex expects to begin additional clinical trials with OncoVEX GM-CSF in pancreatic cancer in Q3 2006 and in metastatic colorectal cancer affecting the liver by the end of 2006.

BioVex's lead infectious disease product candidate is ImmunoVEX HSV2, a vaccine for genital herpes. In preclinical studies, ImmunoVEX HSV2 has completely protected against disease and invoked a powerful immune response. BioVex intends to initiate a Phase I clinical trial for this product candidate in the first half of 2007 and to report initial data later in 2007.

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