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BioScale, Inc.

Category: Research Products & Instrumentation
Phone: (781) 430-6879
Fax: (781) 430-6801
Location: Lexington, MA

At BioScale, we develop, manufacture and promote a sophisticated protein measurement technology to accelerate drug discovery, development and production of biological and pharmaceutical products. The simplicity, power and speed of our innovative technology enables our customers to achieve major advancements in protein research that were not previously attainable by allowing the ultra-sensitive detection of proteins in multiple types of complex biological samples.

BioScale was founded in 2002 by CEO Mark Lundstrom and three interdisciplinary MIT professors. Since then the Company has assembled development, engineering, manufacturing and an industry-seasoned commercial team to globally launch our AMMP assay technology and ViBE platform into the pharmaceutical, biotech, life science, and bioprocess markets. We are also pursuing partnering for diagnostic and specialty applications. The Company’s new 30,000 sq. ft. global headquarters and manufacturing site are located in Lexington, Massachusetts. Large and growing markets

Proteins are becoming increasingly more important in the development of new drugs, the production of biological drugs, and sophisticated testing for diseases. In pharmaceutical research, measuring the presence of proteins in a sample can show whether a drug is hitting its molecular target. In manufacturing, measurements determine that protein products are pure and safe. In diagnostics, the technology can be applied to tell whether a person has a virus or other molecular indicators of disease in their system.BioScale is initially targeting two primary protein application areas.

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