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Mabbett & Associates, Inc.

Category: Environmental, Health & Safety Consulting
Phone: (781) 275-6050 x348
Fax: (781) 275-5651
Location: Bedford, MA

Founded in 1980, Mabbett & Associates, Inc. is an award winning environmental health and safety (EH&S) consulting firm located in Bedford, MA. We provide comprehensive and multi-disciplinary solutions to the EH&S needs of our clients in life sciences, manufacturing, R&D, healthcare and academia. Our core competencies include: EH&S compliance and program development, on-site EH&S support (part-time and full-time), training; management system development; auditing; environmental permitting and reporting; environmental due diligence; waste minimization; and industrial hygiene/occupational safety and health services.

Mabbett is committed to helping our clients to improve their competitiveness, profitability and sustainability while at the same time minimizing EH&S risks. Our experienced staff of scientists, engineers, safety/biosafety professionals and industrial hygienists deliver quality and responsive service and offer extensive project experience in the biotechnology sector.

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