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KEW Group Inc.

Category: Human Diagnostic Development
Phone: 6179457922
Location: Cambridge, MA
Therapeutic Areas: Cancer/Oncology

KEW Group is Oncology Personalized Medicine Management and Analytics Company. In the United States more than 1.5 million individuals are diagnosed with a cancer every year. Of this large number of patients only about 20-25% are treated in academic medical centers and the remaining number are treated in Community hospitals and Community Oncology practices. The rapid change in our understanding of the genetic basis of cancer is leading to the development of more targeted therapies, or precision medicine, for the patients.

KEW Group uses a multidisciplinary clinical approach to support decision-making in cancer care delivery. Our clinical platform integrates patient-specific genetic data generated from fast and deep next-gen sequencing of a panel of actionable cancer genes with the most current knowledge of disease and therapeutics. Together these enable the delivery of optimal treatment strategies tailored to the patient.

KEW Group was founded by leading scientists and business professionals with extensive expertise in all areas of healthcare, including molecular diagnostics, clinical oncology, cancer genomics, and clinical commercialization. The company is privately financed company located in Cambridge, MA.

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