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Enumeral Biomedical Holdings Inc

Category: Human Diagnostic Development
Phone: (617) 945-9146
Fax: (617) 945-9148
Location: Cambridge, MA

Enumeral seeks to develop novel monoclonal antibody drugs and companion diagnostics for infectious, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. While most drug discovery and development relies on non-human systems, we can use our proprietary method for analyzing single cells to assay human clinical samples directly, without further cell expansion or transformation. Our unique combination of microengraving and imaging cytometry allows us to identify single cells based on immune signatures of interest, including secreted antibodies and cytokines and surface markers for cell lineage. Single cells with rare and desirable phenotypes are easily retrieved in our platform for expansion or further analysis. We intend, therefore, to discover native human antibodies with unique function from convalescent survivor patient populations.

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