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Category: Bioinformatics
Phone: (617) 712-1417
Location: Cambridge, MA

NextCODE Health is a sequence-based clinical diagnostics company delivering a powerful solution to genome interpretation and big data challenges. Using technology developed over more than 16 years at deCODE genetics, we are enabling the widespread incorporation of genome sequence data into patient diagnosis and care.

We provide the world’s only system with the demonstrated ability to enable analysis and management of massively-large datasets composed of hundreds of thousands of human genomes. Unlike relational databases, which cannot efficiently handle the trillions of data points associated with even several dozen patient genomes, our platform has been used to successfully manage data from more than 350,000 whole genomes representing more than 40 million identified variants.

Our informatics systems have been finely tuned on this massive knowledge base to provide users with unmatched confidence in their results. We’re delivering the resources developed at deCODE to the clinical domain so that physicians and geneticists can diagnose diseases of unknown origin faster and more accurately by quickly identifying and confirming the causative genes and mutations.

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