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ALS Therapy Development Institute

Category: Disease Foundation
Phone: (617) 441-7295
Fax: (617) 441-7299
Location: Cambridge, MA

ALS-Therapy Development Foundation is a nonprofit biotechnology company that exists to find therapies to slow, arrest and cure ALS for patients living with the disease today. We aggressively seek out effective therapies for ALS using the potential benefit to patients' lives, rather than the potential profit, as it compass.

Our approach to developing drugs for ALS has been built by studying and integrating the effective elements of rigorous and open-minded research and market-driven drug development techniques. We accomplish this by collecting, organizing and studying scientific knowledge applicable to ALS. Our disease modeling efforts focus on integrating expertise across multiple fields including neurology, immunology, genetics, pharmacology and drug development.

We test these drugs in the ALS-TDF/HOPE Drug Discovery Center, the largest centralized resource for ALS animal testing. Once drugs demonstrate efficacy in the animal model, we partner with research institutions, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and other for profit and nonprofit organizations to find the best and fastest way to bring these compounds into clinical development.

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