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Location: Sherbrooke, QC

Sherbrooke Innopole is the Greater Sherbrooke development authority. The wellness of our region relies in part on something quite unique in North America: The Sherbrooke University Pole.

The Sherbrooke University Pole is based on a European model that has proved its worth. It builds on the multidisciplinary expertise of its members and the networks they belong to in order to enhance the development and influence of each one of them.

Overall, The Sherbrooke University Pole is composed of regional higher learning and research institutions with the University of Sherbrooke as its Flagship, whith its 40 000 students and 11 000 employees, including more than 3700 professors, teachers and researchers. The direct annual economic impact exceeds one billion dollars.

The Sherbrooke Multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary R&D network (Pole Components)

- University of Sherbrooke
- University Hospital Centre of Sherbrooke - Clinical Research Center
- University Institute of Geriatrics of Sherbrooke - Clinical Research Center on Ageing
- Sherbrooke Institute of Pharmacology
- Center of Excellence in Information Engineering
- Bishop's University
- Sherbrooke College (technical degrees)
- Champlain Regional College (technical degrees)
- Séminaire de Sherbrooke (technical degrees)
- Agriculture Canada - Dairy and Swine Research and Development Centre

The University of Sherbrooke:

Research conducted by University of Sherbrooke professors has contributed to the increase of knowledge in several fields of innovation. With 70 research chairs, 12 teams, 28 centers and 4 institutes bringing together leading experts in their fields, the University of Sherbrooke is recognized by its peers as a leader in research. The University of Sherbrooke owns more than 330 patents and is first in Canada for annual revenues generated by discoveries and inventions with royalties totalizing $124.3 M over the years.

In fact, a lot of our researchers and/or research units have close ties with their counterparts in the Greater Boston Area. Sherbrooke Innopole has been asked by the Pole components officials to leverage those privileged links in order to increase and promote the quality and the quantity of our collaborations with the Greater Boston high technology Institutions and business partners.

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