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Aberjona Laboratories

Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: (781) 218-2887
Fax: (781) 998-5918
Location: Beverly, MA

Aberjona Laboratories is a collaborative research and development organization dedicated to providing drug discovery services and solutions to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and genomics companies. Aberjona boasts high-speed chemistry capability and expertise in small molecule drug discovery and organic synthesis, which enables rapid, first-rate medicinal chemistry and process development. Our credibility and proven track record has made us the best organic and medicinal chemistry team around. We have the ability of designing from concept to accomplishing the synthesis of drug candidates at high-speed and short turnaround time from 3 days to 3 weeks. Our extensive experience in organic synthesis allows us to offer high quality services in any areas. Our hit identification and lead optimization services are able to decrease the cost and compress the preclinical development time for our partners. These have been proven by our several recent patent applications for new drug candidates and publications with our collaborators.

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