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Nexcelom Bioscience

Category: Research Products & Instrumentation
Phone: (978) 327-5340 x204
Fax: (978) 327-5341
Location: Lawrence, MA

Nexcelom Bioscience LLC is a designer, developer and manufacturer of innovative devices and instruments for cell-based assays used in the life science research laboratories. With Cellometer-branded automatic cell counters, Nexcelom's solutions automate the time-consuming manual counting procedures for hundreds of different types of cells, enabling scientists to focus less on the process and more on their research results. For advanced cell based assays, Cellometer Vision CBA systems offer quick and accurate results from 20 ul of sample, for GFP expression, cell cycle analysis, apoptosis assays, among others. Founded in 2003, Nexcelom Bioscience helps biologists to improve their research results and productivity in thousands of laboratories of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, biomedical research centers, national research institute and university laboratories around the world.

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