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Lonza Biologics, Inc.

Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: (603) 610-5200
Fax: (603) 330-3300
Location: Portsmouth, NH

Lonza Biologics is the world’s leading contract manufacturer of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins derived from mammalian cell culture. Lonza Biologics is part of Lonzagroup’s, Exclusive Synthesis & Biotechnology sector, which is the market leader in the exclusive synthesis of fine chemicals.

For over 20 years Lonza Biologics has provided clients including over 100 international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with complete development, manufacturing and analytical services. The services include cell construction and development through cell banking to large-scale cGMP manufacture. Fell quality and regulatory support is available for products in the clinic or for in-market supply.

Lonza Biologics also offers the proprietary Glutamine Synthetase Gene Expression System (GS System). This system provides rapid development of high yielding, stable, cGMP-compativle mammalian cell lines. The GS System has been successfully used by over 100 global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and is familiar to all worldwide regulatory authorities.

Lonza Biologics operates licensed cGMP production facilities in Europe in the United States at up to 5,000L scale. Expansions of the US facility with an additional 3 x 20,000L fermenters is ongoing and is expected to be on line in mid-2004.

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