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Boston Biochem, Inc.

Category: Research Products & Instrumentation
Phone: (617) 576-2210
Fax: (617) 492-3565
Location: Cambridge, MA

Boston Biochem is a rapidly growing company whose core business is the production of specialized reagents for drug discovery and basic research in the major intra-cellular signaling/degradation pathways. These pathways include purified enzymes, proteins, antibodies, substrates, modified proteins, assay kits and cell permeable small molecule inhibitors.

In addition to their product line, Boston Biochem also offers a full range of custom services: protein purification, protein purification methods development, assay development, protein modification (labeling, tagging, etc.), expression optimization, over-expression and purification of proteins and the synthesis of peptides and substrates and inhibitors. These resulting products are available in quantities ranging from analytical (research) to bulk (screening) scale.

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