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MediSapiens Inc.

Category: Bioinformatics
Phone: 781-5191801
Location: Cambridge, MA

MediSapiens was founded in 2009 to offer scientist unrivalled look of unified gene expression data with IST Online. The goal of MediSapiens was, and has been, to facilitate easy yet powerful bioinformatics analysis through visual and easy solutions. Here are the short highlights of our amazing ride:

- Founded in 2009 in Helsinki, Finland
- Stable and growing company currently employing 21 employees
- Company offices in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, USA
- Turnover almost doubled each year after founding
- Industry known management team and board members consistent of biomedical scientists
- Expert in biological information technology
- Successfully provided multiple software solutions for Bio-IT infrastructure, tools and platforms for clinics, biobanks, biotech and pharma companies all around the world.

With our experienced and dedicated in-house technology team, we have created a flexible, scalable and cost-effective solution set which can be modified for most bio-IT purposes. At the core of our technology, we have Explorer Platform that powers our solutions. Our customized solutions allow you to store and manage genomics sequence, biological measurement, clinical and descriptive data in integrated and comprehensive database solution allowing you freedom to use your data just the way you want.

MediSapiens digitizes your biobusiness and bioresearch with comprehensive, cost effective and flexible solutions. See our technology based customized solution offerings for:

- Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
- Biobanks and biodata providers
- CROs
- Diagnostics and personalized medicine
- Custom bioinformatics consulting

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