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Category: Drug Development
Phone: (800) 561-7087
Location: Cambridge, MA
Therapeutic Areas: Pain, Cancer/Oncology, Central Nervous System, Dermatology

Bio-Pact has cracked the carbon nanotube code. Our scientists have accomplished what has been the quest of world scientists, governments, research institutions, and commercial enterprise since the discovery of the carbon nanotube. We have untangled the carbon nanotube and unleashed its long sought after mechanical, conductive, and transport properties. Bio-Pact’s carbon nanotubes possess dominant strength, transport, and conductive (electrical, thermal, sound, electro-magnetic, etc.) properties. They so radically out-perform traditional carbon nanotubes that they barely resemble them. So we gave them a new name – Medical Grade Molecular Rebar, or MGMR™. Bio-Pact manufactures MGMR™ exclusively for use in medical applications.

MGMR™ is ready for development in therapeutic, device, and diagnostic applications that will benefit from enhanced strength, flexibility, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, EMI field interaction, transport properties, and adherence properties. Some examples include: transdermal drug delivery; targeted drug delivery; tumor ablation; tissue / neural scaffolding; EMI shielding; bio-sensors; prosthetics; orthopedic bracing.

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