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Ginkgo BioWorks

Category: Agricultural / Industrial Biotechnology
Phone: (814) 422-5362
Location: Boston, MA

Ginkgo BioWorks was founded in 2008 by five MIT PhDs. The mission is to make biology easy to engineer. Only when biological engineering is fast and predictable will we fulfill the potential of biological technologies to revolutionize the provision of food, medicine, energy, and materials.

Ginkgo engineers organisms for customers — we don't manufacture or sell molecules. Instead, we work at the bleeding edge of synthetic biology technology. Our goal is to enable your company to initiate or expand its biotechnology capabilities without the need to build a lab or group.

Ginkgo leverages our organism engineering platform to provide fermentation-based production routes for marketed ingredients to our partners. Fermentation can improve margins, secure supply, upgrade products, or provide a sustainable alternative. Our model is to share risk and reward. We can work with you from initial organism design through production process scale-up.

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