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Harvard University Office of Technology Development

Category: Academic
Phone: (617) 495-3067
Fax: (617) 495-9568
Location: Cambridge, MA

OTD’s mission is to make the fruits of Harvard research more accessible outside the University, including underserved communities, and ensure that society benefits from Harvard innovations by fostering their swift, professional and effective development and commercialization. Our specific objectives include:

* Ensuring that Harvard research results are made widely available and transformed for public use and benefit.
* Serving as a dynamic bridge from laboratory to industry to make certain that promising new technologies are translated into products and services that benefit society and the world.
* Evaluating, patenting and licensing inventions and discoveries made by faculty of Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
* Stimulating innovation and technology development within the Harvard community and securing all necessary protection of the resulting intellectual property.
* Licensing Harvard technologies to strong, effective partners.
* Establishing start up companies and building value around Harvard innovations.
* Building sponsored research collaborations with industry around faculty-initiated applied research projects.

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